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Don‰Ûªt Wait to Enroll in Medicare

The following is a guest post from Ross Blair, President and CEO of Plan Prescriber, Inc., a provider of comparison tools and educational materials for Medicare-related insurance products. In 2011, a record 2.8 million Americans turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare. If you‰Ûªre a newcomer to Medicare this year...

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Look Out for These Medicare Scams

Beware Medicare Scammers The web site Medical Billing and Coding has published Medicare Scams that you should be on the lookout. The Poser Scam One of the more common ways criminals scam those with Medicare is by posing as Medicare employees, health care practitioners, or insurance representatives, something many may...

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You Better Shop Around for Medicare

The National Council on Aging has published the results of a survey that shows that older adults, especially those struggling financially, need to receive expanded education on Medicare options All eligible seniors are allowed to make changes to their coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period from Oct. 15 äóñ Dec....

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