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Florida Proposing New Medicaid Fees

The state of Florida wants to impose $10 monthly premiums on Medicaid recipients who are not in nursing homes. Additionally, the state is proposing a $100 fee for Medicaid patients who use emergency rooms for routine care, according to Kaiser Health News. State officials and consumer advocates say they do...

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Cutting Medicare to nursing homes is poor healthcare policy

Here is a guest blog from McKnight’s that again shows how nursing homes are being ignored in the health care reform debate. My opinion has been clear and consistent. Aging in place is great. BUT…this country is ranked 37th in the World Health Organization and the latest study on obesity...

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Medicare Cuts to Nursing Homes

Nearly half of voters view Medicare cuts to nursing homes as the least acceptable way to pay for healthcare reform, according to a recently released poll conducted by The American Health Care Association. The poll also found that 66% of voters would be less likely to re-elect an official who...

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