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Get the Rhythm – Music Therapy Improves Balance, Reduces Falls

According to Swiss researchers, taking part in classes that involve music and rhythmic exercise may improve the balance and walking skills and reduce the number of falls for older adults. More than 130 seniors were tested in walking and balance skills after taking part in a music-education program called Dalcroze...

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Alzheimer’s Patients Have Better Recall When Information Sung to Them

Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study to see if Alzheimer’s patients would be better able to recall new information if it was sung to them. Alzheimer’s patients and healthy control subjects were visually presented with the lyrics to 40 songs. Half of the lyrics were...

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Music and Healing – Growing Scientific Evidence

I have witnessed hundreds of times in nursing homes how a seemingly incoherent person can come alive during a performance. Anecdotal and observational evidence of the healing power of music abound. But now science is catching up. (Check this article at CNN about music‰Ûªs therapeutic value.) The article states, “Music...

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