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Mile a Day Keeps Dementia Away

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh discovered a link between walking more and better mental function in old age. The research group began following the physical and cognitive activities of 300 older adults, with an average age of 78, in 1989.After charting the group’s walking habits for nine years, each...

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Exercise Could Tamper Anger

(Compiled from the New York Times) A study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that perhaps exercise is a partial remedy for anger control. University of Georgia researchers chose 16 young men with a ‰ÛÏshort fuse.‰Û The men filled out a survey about their moods at that...

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Physical Activity Good At Any Age

In my Meaning of Life keynote I talk about eight things that I have learned from seniors about living an active, full, quality life. I use my 88-year-old mother’s schedule to show particularly how her ability to keep active and busy has contributed to her quality of life, still living...

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