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Feet Fingers and Forks – Your Key to a Fit Lifestyle

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. David Katz at the Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit at which I spoke.åÊ He had a great message about lifestyle and fitness. He has one phrase he uses to keep people in check: Feets, Forks and Fingers. Of course the feet part...

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Mile a Day Keeps Dementia Away

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh discovered a link between walking more and better mental function in old age. The research group began following the physical and cognitive activities of 300 older adults, with an average age of 78, in 1989.After charting the group’s walking habits for nine years, each...

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Older Adults Who Purposefully Lose Weight Live Longer

New research suggests that older adults who purposefully lose weight have a lower mortality rate. Wake Forest University researchers looked at data on 318 elderly adults enrolled in weight-loss-related trials in the 1990s. Half of those individuals actively lost weight through exercise programs, losing an average of 10.5 pounds over...

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