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Geriatricians in Short Supply and More Will Be Needed

The country’s fastest growing age group is 85 and older, with the leading of edge of the baby boom already well into their 60s. Yet the number of geriatricians in the nation has dropped by a quarter since 2000, down to 7,000, according to the [embed_youtubea style=”cursor: pointer; display: inline;...

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Doctors Fleeing Medicare So Shop Around Before You Become Eligible

Following up from yesterday‰Ûªs post comes news that doctor‰Ûªs are fleeing Medicare. According to the New York Times, some physicians including internists and many specialists are no longer accepting Medicare, either because they have opted out of the insurance system or they are not accepting new patients with Medicare coverage....

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Lack of Primary Care Physicians Will Continue

Last week was Match Day, when graduating medical students found out where they‰Ûªll be doing their training. Just over 42% of the family medicine residency slots went to seniors receiving their M.D.s from U.S. med schools. Forty nine percent of the slots went to foreign medical school graduates and others....

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