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Taking a Statin for Cholesterol? You Still Need to Exercise.

Taking a Statin for Cholesterol? You Still Need to Exercise. Older men who were prescribed statins (the cholesterol-lowering medications associated with muscle pain, fatigue and weakness) engaged in modestly lower physical activity according to a recent JAMA study. David S.H. Lee, Pharm.D., of Oregon State University/Oregon Health and Science University...

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New Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Guidelines Spur Debate

According to JAMA, applying the updated 2014 blood pressure (BP) guideline to the U.S. population suggests that nearly 6 million adults are no longer classified as needing hypertension medication, and that an estimated 13.5 million adults would now be considered as having achieved goal blood pressure, primarily older adults. Ann...

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Your Cholesterol Drug Could Be Hurting You

I paid attention to this one as I use Crestor once a day. According to a study in JAMA, using cholesterol-lowering statins may be associated with musculoskeletal conditions, joint diseases and injuries.. While statins effectively lower cardiovascular illnesses and death, the full spectrum of musculoskeletal adverse events (AEs) is unknown....

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