Elder Abuse

State and federal authorities have imposed “some of the most severe penalties” possible – short of shutdown – on a nursing home plagued by recent problems, including two patient deaths. The Chicago-based company that owns East Peoria Gardens Health Care Center faces a $100,000 fine and the loss of five days worth of Medicaid reimbursements for all its patients.

As a part insider and outsider to this industry, it strikes me that this penalty is termed severe. Any home that has allegedly through poor care or mistreatment caused the death of residents should be considered for closing. I assume that this is not feasible in all cases as it would impose a real dilemma in where to place the residents.

That said, families should be paying attention to these stories well before mom, dad or themselves need care. Start a file of these stories so that when the time comes for you to evaluate these facilities, you will already be educated.

See the article here: http://www.pjstar.com/stories/071207/TRI_BDOOT82S.062.php