Jude Kanu Chibuike is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

caregiver smile summitJude Kanu is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Jude is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Jude is a dedicated Professional Caregiver with years of experience in elderly care within homes and assisted living environments. Recognized for his ability to monitor and provide emotional and physical support to patients and staff, he possesses exceptional communication abilities, as well as cultural sensitivity to deal with diverse populations. His interest in elderly care-giving started during his youth service to his country. He was posted to a rural area to serve and realized that less or no attention was given to the elderly in the African society. He then took it upon himself to become an advocate of care for the elderly in Africa. He has created awareness in elderly care by writing to the government to establish care facilities and assisted living homes across Nigeria and Africa so that the elderly could benefit from such establishments. He has established elderly communities in rural areas and has involved students to volunteer to care for the elderly in rural areas during their holidays.

Her topic is: An International Perspective on Caregiving – Africa

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Dementia and Communication-Engaging Positively! Caregiver Smile Summit 203

caregiver smile summit

Dementia and Communication – Engaging Positively Enhances Lives! – Caregiver Smile Summit

Dr. Dan Nightingale is our guest on the Caregiver Smile Summit.

All communication is a form of behavior, thus, all behavior is a form of communication. In this session, Dr Dan Nightingale discusses how engaging positively with people living with a neurocognitive disorder can enhance this area of a person’s life and those supporting their unique journey.

Dr. Daniel Nightingale is CEO of Dementia Therapy Specialists (US) and Dementia Doctor (UK); Actor; Stand-up Comedian; who was Trained by Dr Patch Adams. He is the world’s leading clinical dementia specialist, world renowned for his pioneering empirical, published research in the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment option.

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Rima Bonario is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

caregiver smile summitRima Bonario is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit

Rima is participating in the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Rima is an author, workshop leader, soul coach and wild heart healer. Her doctorate is in Transformational Psychology (Th.D.) and she has been working in personal development for close to 20 years. In the last five years, she’s been concentrating on working with women in mid-life – primarily because she’s a woman in mid-life! As she ventured into this new life stage, she experienced challenges she didn’t see coming. She helps put women back in touch with their passion – passion for life, passion for partners, passion for themselves. She is here to help you find relief from Caregiver Compassion Fatigue in less than 15 minutes a day using a simple energy practice.

Her topic is: Energy Practice – Relief from Caregiver Compassion Fatigue in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day

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The stress of caregiving often puts strains on families and relationships, not to mention the toll it takes on someone’s health. But here’s the thing, you’re not alone in this.

An evolving role, the Aging Life Care Professional (formerly called Geriatric Care Manager), provides a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for people facing ongoing health challenges.

A Care Professional plans and coordinates the care of the elderly to improve their quality of life and to maintain their independence.

Aging Life Care Professionals’ Role

Caregiving often takes place over great distances. It is hard for families to be in two places at once. So, think of this person as your stand in, a very qualified one at that. The duties of a Life Care Professional include:

  • Conducting assessments to identify needs.
  • Work with the family to write a care plan and then putting it into action.
  • Assist with hiring home health professionals.
  • Be a mediator should the need arise.
  • Help with moving a person to the best level of care needed, sometimes in conjunction with a professional move manager.
  • Often, working with an attorney, reviewing documents, and preparing documents such as a living will.
  • Educate the family as well as the community.
  • Visiting your loved one on a regular basis to make sure they are safe, eating right, and taking their medications.
  • Make medical appointments and getting the person to them.
  • Identify social supports in the community.

Education and Training

People enter this profession through different paths. A person could have one or more degrees in social work, gerontology, psychology, or business administration.

Certain states require licensing or certification, something you’ll want to check when hiring someone. They may need to be bonded too.

A compassion for seniors and an empathetic personality are intangibles that go a long way. And of course, experience working with the elderly is essential.

Hiring an Aging Life Professional

While families and adult children of relatives that live too far away typically hire these professionals, it is not uncommon to find them working for banks and trust officers, physicians and allied health professionals, attorneys, hospitals, social service providers, gerontology professionals, and senior housing communities.

The Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) is an association of practitioners dedicated to the advancement of expert assistance to aging individuals and their families. They offer these tips when hiring:

  • Find out her/his areas of expertise.
  • What are the primary services provided?
  • Is there a fee for the initial consultation?
  • Is the person licensed in this profession?
  • How long have they been providing care management services?
  • Are they available for emergencies?
  • What are their fees and billing terms? Is it hourly, or based on a project?
  • Can they provide references?

Check out their site for more. The answers will assist you in hiring a qualified professional.

Find the peace of mind that comes with knowing a loved one is being taken care of properly by looking into the services of the Aging Life Care Professional.

What do you know about these specialized Aging Life Care Professionals? Have you utilized their services? What can you say about the experience? Please share with our community.

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