Archives: August 2007

Medical Tourism in the Nursing Home Industry

A “small but steadily growing number” of U.S. residents “are moving across the border” into Mexican nursing homes, which provide care at a “fraction” of the price of U.S. facilities, reports USA Today. About 40,000 to 80,000 U.S. retirees currently live in Mexico, but no data exist on the number...

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Doctor Fees

A small but growing number of doctors in South Florida and elsewhere have started charging patients annual fees to help make ends meet. These are not “boutique” doctors offering exclusive attention to patients who can afford to pay thousands upfront each year for special access and attention. These are regular...

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Medical Illiteracy

A new study of patients ages 65 and older were more likely to die within six years of receiving written medical instructions than those who easily understood their caregivers, despite the health conditions at the outset. The study was done by a team at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine,...

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