Going to the Dogs

I always said I wanted to come back as my brother-in-law’s dog. In the pecking order in his house it is my sister-in-law then a tie between their son and the dog then my brother-in-law. So here is another great reason to be a dog. When you age you too can go to the doggie nursing home.

Busy lives and hectic schedules keep many pet owners from caring for their elderly or sick pets. In Japan, owners of aging pets now have an alternative in the form of the Soladi Care Home for Pets, which opened in June 2007 in Tochigi, Japan.

Most residents are 13 human years or older. Staffed with a 24-hour-a day veterinarian who offers daily health monitoring, the home also provides a full menu of treats that will have most pets licking their chops. The home charges $800 per month and accepts 20 dogs at a time.

They even have intergenerational pet programs where puppies come in and play with their grandparents. Only a matter of time till it gets to the U.S.

Long-term care insurance for pets? Hmmmm. Let me get on that one.