Hal is that You?

Aging in place. That seems to be the buzz word for growing older. And to help you will be….robots. As the little kid in the etrade commercial says about his clown – that’s a little creepy! Or is it?

Robots will scoot from room to room to wake homeowners in the morning, remind them to eat and send for help if someone falls. Sensors embedded throughout seniors‰Ûª homes will detect when the residents have sleepless nights or forget to take their medication.

With support from the National Science Foundation and others, the University of Texas at Arlington has created the Heracleia Human-Centered Computing Laboratory they are designing technology that will allow tomorrow‰Ûªs seniors to remain independent longer. The lab houses a make-believe one-bedroom apartment equipped with high-tech cameras, motion sensors and robots, and is surrounded by computers.

Fears that seniors will be wary of such technology are unfounded, experts say. The AARP Foundation has found that nine of 10 older adults will agree to remote monitoring if it keeps them independent.

What about you?