Make the Call

Passing this along from AAHSA. I am a proponent of nursing home care reform if it is true reform. If that means better funding so there is better staffing, better pay and ultimately better care then I endorse this national call in day.

Today is the day to help ensure long-term services and supports are part of health care reform. Call (800) 958-5374 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern to tell Senators Boxer and Feinstein that this problem, which will affect virtually every American family, can be solved in a financially sound way. Although Boxer and Feinstein do not sit on the Senate Aging Committee, their support is critical as they have significant influence on the final outcome of the health reform package.

We also want to make sure the U.S. House of Representatives includes long-term services and supports in its consideration of health care reform. After calling your senators, please email your representatives using AAHSA’s Contact Congress.

Sample Phone Script

“Hello. I‰Ûªm calling to ask the senator to help make sure long-term services and supports are part of health care reform. We must make it affordable to care. We want to see all people with chronic illnesses and disabilities get the support they need. Including long-term services and supports in health care reform will achieve greater efficiency, promote personal responsibility and sustain our safety net programs like Medicaid. This problem is too big to ask individuals and families to solve on their own. We need a national solution for this national problem. I thank the senator in advance for demonstrating his leadership by ensuring that long-term services and supports are included in upcoming hearings and legislation. Thank you.”