Medicare Advantage at a Disadvantage?

Facing five percent cuts and a watchful eye from the Obama administration, Medicare Advantage programs are starting to cry poor saying it could result in premium increases for beneficiaries.

The Obama administration and Democrats have criticized the Republican-backed Medicare Advantage programs because they cost 14% more on average to care for than Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries.

Medicare Advantage counters that it, unlike traditional Medicare, actually coordinates care for beneficiaries, which is especially important for seniors with multiple chronic illnesses. Having helped launch a company that offers Medicare Advantage programs I can attest that care coordination is prominent. It is not just the right thing to do. You see the government pays Medicare Advantage programs so much per enrollee per month. You keep them well you keep more of the payment.

Medicare Advantage’s first mover advantage in the beginning was that you had prescription drug coverage as part of the benefit. Now that is available to all Medicare beneficiaries.

My mom is an enrollee in a Medicare Advantage program and she was just hospitalized out of state for a fall she took. Let me tell you that there was little coordination of care and she had to and still does have to go through hoops for everything she needs.

There is truth somewhere in the middle. But the only people who can make a judgment as to whether Medicare fee for service or Medicare Advantage has the advantage are those that experience the care. So my mom will decide when she switches plans‰Û_.AGAIN!