4 Secrets of Aging in a Healthy Way

This guest blog is written by Kat Sanders, who regularly blogs on the topic of phlebotomy technician salary at her blog Health Zone Blog. She welcomes your comments and questions at her email address: katsanders25@gmail.com. Kat supports many of the things we contend on a daily basis in this blog and the fact the aging in a healthy way starts with you and I taking self responsibility for our lives. Thanks Kat.

My maternal grandparents are still alive ‰ÛÒmy grandpa is now 83 and grandma is touching the octogenarian mark. They‰Ûªre both in relatively good health considering their age, and except for the normal aches and pains and complaints associated with geriatrics, they‰Ûªre able to cope on their own. Although they live with my uncle and his family, they‰Ûªre able to take care of their own needs and don‰Ûªt need nurses or helpers to babysit them. In my opinion, my grandparents have aged gracefully and healthily, and the reasons for this are:

åá They were busy people with lives of their own until five years ago: If I had one wish, it‰Ûªs that I‰Ûªm as active as my granddad was when he was 80. He‰Ûªs pushing 85 now, and up until five years ago, was active in the business he set up as a teenager and built into the successful operation that it is today. He was a dynamo who could not be stopped by any amount of discouragement because of his age or frail condition. Only the onset of an enlarged prostate gland and the ensuing surgery reduced him to a life of leisure (although he‰Ûªs still on the phone and taking care of business when he‰Ûªs not sleeping). Grandma had her own life which included the kids, grandkids and her social engagements. Staying busy helps you forget that you‰Ûªre aging, and when you‰Ûªre fully occupied, you don‰Ûªt have the time to dwell on disappointments or failures.

åá They‰Ûªre surrounded by family: We visit often, but my uncle‰Ûªs family is always there with them. The grandkids and great grandkids keep my grandparents‰Ûª spirits alive, and they‰Ûªre never lonely, not with all the cacophony that surrounds them. In my experience, people tend to age faster when they‰Ûªre lonely because they‰Ûªre depressed when they don‰Ûªt see and interact with other human beings who love them.

åá They‰Ûªre still independent: There‰Ûªs a great deal to be said about independence, the feeling that you‰Ûªre able to look after yourself and not have to depend on someone for the simplest of things. A balanced diet, regular exercise and a low level of stress all through your life allow you to age in a healthy manner and thus retain your independence. Mental health is extremely important too, so stimulating your neurons with challenging activities keeps diseases like Alzheimer‰Ûªs and dementia at bay.

åá They‰Ûªre resilient: My grandma suffered a collapse 10 years ago and doctors said she would never walk again. But she proved them all wrong by walking just 6 months after the diagnosis. A good physiotherapist and a large amount of resilience and determination was all it took for her to be back on her feet again. When you‰Ûªre resilient, you can postpone the negative effects of aging as long as possible and so lead a more fulfilling life.