Even Funeral Homes Understand the Experience

Did you catch the article about funeral home experiences in the NYT? Very interesting. Funeral directors are starting to understand that the experience even extends to the dead (and their love ones) as they customize the ultimate send off.

Bike lovers pay an extra $200 or so to take their last ride in a special hearse towed by a Harley motorcycle. Gardeners select wildflower seed packets to include with their funeral programs. One gentleman wanted to be remembered for comforting his grandchildren with ice cream, so, after the funeral, mourners were greeted by a man in a Good Humor truck, handing out frozen treats.

With cremations on the rise, rental coffins available, even home funerals, it is easy to see that the industry has to adapt to survive.

Many funeral directors are compensating for lost revenue by offering new services like video tributes, grief counseling referrals and memorial items including ceremonial urns, keepsake jewelry, wind chimes and sundials that hold a portion of cremated remains.

So if the darn funeral industry gets the experience, how come many hospitals and long term facilities still don’t understand this concept?