Higher Risk of Dementia for Middle Age Smokers, Diabetics and those Hypertensive

Part of the health crisis is the fact that we do not take care of ourselves. Our choices today WILL affect our health and life expectancy later. More proof, in the August 19 Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, it is reported that those who smoke, or suffer from hypertension or diabetes during their middle-age years have a higher risk of developing dementia later.

Current smokers were 70% more likely than those who had never smoked to develop dementia. People with high blood pressure were 60% more likely than those without high blood pressure to develop dementia. People with diabetes were more than twice as likely as those without diabetes to experience cognitive impairment, the study found. Investigators studied more than 11,000 people, aged 46 to 70 years. Patients were followed up for more than a decade to see how many would later develop dementia.

Lesson ‰ÛÒ do I really have to spell it out?