Our Blog Added to Alltop

I am very pleased to report that our blog has been added to Alltop. What is that you ask? Alltop helps you answer the question, ‰ÛÏWhat‰Ûªs happening?‰Û in ‰ÛÏall the topics‰Û that interest you. You may wonder how Alltop is different from a search engine. A search engine is good to answer a question like, ‰ÛÏHow many people live in China?‰Û However, it has a much harder time answering the question, ‰ÛÏWhat‰Ûªs happening in China?‰Û That‰Ûªs the kind of question that it answers.

They do this by collecting the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. They group these collections ‰ÛÓ ‰ÛÏaggregations‰Û ‰ÛÓ into individual web pages. Then they display the five most recent headlines of the information sources as well as their first paragraph. Our blog is listed under both healthcare and boomers.

You can think of Alltop as the ‰ÛÏonline magazine rack‰Û of the web. They’ve subscribed to thousands of sources to provide ‰ÛÏaggregation without aggravation.‰Û

So customize your own news page that you can refer to every day and be sure to include our blog too. And become a follower of our blog now. Thanks.