Dance Can Help Balance, Reduce Falls

New research that would make Fred Astaire happy indicates that seniors who undergo ‰ÛÏdance therapy‰Û typically have improved levels of balance and gait, as well as overall functionality and that helps to reduce their risk of falls.

For their study, researchers used a dance-therapy program called The Lebed Method (TLM), which includes choreographed low-impact dance steps set to music. A group of 11 seniors in St. Louis participated in a six-week pilot study of the program.

More than half the seniors involved in the program reported improvements in gait and balance, according to the results of the study, which was published in the journal Nursing Administration Quarterly.

My 89-year-old mother went ballroom dancing three times a week for most of her adult life. I have to say in her case her legs actually have given out a bit and have worked in the opposite direction of this study. That said there is moderation in everything. Heck, I even started taking dancing lessons a few years ago. Figure it wouldn‰Ûªt hurt during my keynotes or performances with seniors.

As for you youngsters, the reference to Fred Astaire ‰ÛÒ look him up!