Tips for Those Concerned About Older Loved One’s Driving

[embed_youtubep style=”margin-top: 0pt;”>Driving demands good judgment, quick reaction times and split-second decision making. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease alone is not a reason to take away driving privileges. But due to the progressive nature of Alzheimer’s, a person with the disease will eventually be unable to drive.[embed_youtube/p> [embed_youtubep>It’s often difficult to decide when to stop or limit driving. To help make this decision, get a driving evaluation from a certified professional. Contact the Alzheimer’s Association (800.272.3900) for referrals to organizations in your community that can perform these evaluations.[embed_youtube/p> [embed_youtubep>Ideally, families should talk openly about driving soon after a diagnosis. They should make plans for how the person will get around when he or she can no longer drive. [embed_youtubebr />[embed_youtubebr />[embed_youtubea href=””>Here are some additional tips from the Alzheimer’s Association.[embed_youtube/a>[embed_youtubebr />[embed_youtube/p>