AAHSA Changing Name to LeadingAge

Read this post in McKnight’s about how the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSHA) is proposing a name change to LeadingAge.

‰ÛÓ The brand promise is ‰ÛÏinspire, serve, advocate.‰Û

‰ÛÓ The brand ethos is ‰ÛÏtransformational stewardship.‰Û

‰ÛÓ The new mission is ‰ÛÏexpanding the world of possibilities for aging.‰Û

I am all for it. AAHSA has shown some pretty aggressive and hip marketing over the last few months for a long term care organization. And what is interesting is that they are now positioning themselves as more than that.

I just wrote a column for my newsletter about healthcare’s obligation to educate people about what it means to grow older and to assist them in growing older with a quality of life. LeadingAge (AAHSA until members approve) is positioning itself as a leader in the aging field.

You go Larry Minnix!!