Learn to Fall More Safely (Does that make any sense at all?!)

From Mcknights – Researchers say seniors with osteoporosis can use martial arts training to learn to fall more safely.

Testing the force of impact of a variety of different martial arts fall exercises, research subjects performed sideways and forward martial arts falls, which involve turning the fall into a rolling action, from a kneeling position on both a judo mat and a mattress, as well as from a standing position on a mattress. The force of impact on the subject’s hip was measured and compared to information on how much force an osteoporosis sufferer can withstand.

While most of the falls exercises would involve too great an impact for seniors with osteoporosis, researchers found ways they could safely perform the exercises. Seniors should wear protective hip padding, perform falls on a thick mattress, and avoid falling forward from a standing position. The report was published in BMC Research Notes.

Well it sort of make sense right, roll with the punches in a way. Learn to fall. But I had to chuckle at the last part. I can imagine calling my 88-year old this morning and say OK I need you to practice your falling routine. Yes that’s right. Yes you heard me…hip pads..yes go buy them NOW. OK got them. Ready fall and roll.

Oh brother. In short I think the theory is right but I think we can suggest others ways to practice, perhaps in a controlled environment with an instructor.