Avoid Indiana Long-Term Care if You Can!

Indiana has opted not to participate in the federal program around nurse background checks. According to officials the state cannot afford its $1 million share.

Under the healthcare reform law, states could apply for a federal matching grant of 75% of the cost of implementing nurse background checks, up to $3 million. Monday was the last day states could apply for the matching grants.

Indiana currently relies on the state’s 120,000 registered nurses to self-report any criminal history when applying for or renewing their licenses. State nursing home resident advocates decried the decision, saying that state officials passed up an opportunity to protect Indiana residents in nursing homes.

So buyer beware. If mom or dad needs a long-term care facility you have even more homework ahead of you. Or perhaps you might consider a neighboring state with tougher background checks or if you live far away, moving mom or dad closer to you.