Wrist Fractures in Women as Dangerous as Arthritis, Diabetes and Falls

New research indicates that older women who experience a wrist fracture tend to develop more disabilities. Wrist fracture is the most common upper-extremity injury sustained by elderly individuals, according to a report from researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Of the 6,107 older women followed sampled for the report, 268 experienced a wrist fracture during the 7.6-year study period. Over that time, women with a wrist fracture were 50% more likely to experience functional decline than women without a wrist fracture.

Wrist fractures are as clinically significant for older individuals as arthritis, diabetes or falls. Researchers say that osteoporosis outreach efforts should include information about preventing wrist fractures. A cursory search did not reveal much here in terms of prevention measures. So if you have read about how to prevent wrist fractures please share it in the comments. Thanks.