Mercury in Flu Vaccines May Be Dangerous

Evidently, there have been studies suggesting that mercury may be implicated in somehow contributing to Alzheimeräó»s Disease. According to an industry advocacy group called SafeMinds, a mercury preservative, known as thimerosal, can be found in the majority of influenza vaccines, including those given annually to seniors. According to Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, Executive Director of SafeMinds “while there are mercury-free flu shots available, consumers are often unaware that they need to ask for them and insist on not being exposed to mercury.”

The new SafeMinds “Donäó»t Take the Risk” tool kit includes listings of which flu vaccines are mercury-free. The website has links to the package inserts, the CDCäó»s Vaccine Information Sheets, related research, and background information on mercury and thimerosal.

Ask your doctor before getting your flu vaccine this year.