Nurse Dissatisfaction in Nursing Homes

Researchers at the Penn School of Nursing released information that shows 27 percent of nursing home nurses and 24 percent of hospital nurses reported being dissatisfied with their jobs.ξ Just 13 percent of nurses in other healthcare environments reported such feelings.
95,000 nurses in 614 U.S. hospitals and other healthcare settings were surveyed. Those who provide direct care to patients experience higher rates of burnout than nurses in other healthcare sectors. Makes sense doesn’t it. In fact these same nurses then go into less acute environments after the burnout.
Staffing levels and emotionally depleting work were cited as reasons. Nursing home nurses (37%) had the highest rate of burnout.
These same nurses also are less satisfied with their own employer-provided healthcare and retirement benefits than nurses who work in other healthcare settings.

There is a lot of talk about patient experience out there but that experience can only be good if we in turn offer exceptional experiences for healthcare staff, empower them but also provide the needed emotional support so that they can thrive in their jobs and not take all that stress home.ξ