Depression and Diabetes Linked

Depressed diabetics are more likely to see improvement in their physical symptoms if they pursue treatment for their depression, that according to researchers at the University of Michigan.
Depression causes those with diabetes to be less compliant monitoring their blood sugar levels or following a diabetic diet. They are also less likely to exercise.ξ
Researchers followed 291 patients with diabetes and significant depressive symptoms. Of those, 145 received 12 weeks of cognitive behavior therapy over the phone, followed by nine äóìboosteräó sessions once a month. These patients began a phased-in walking program, using a pedometer to gauge their success. The group undergoing the phone counseling and walking therapy successfully lowered their blood pressure, increased their physical activity and saw an improvement with their depressive symptoms.
What is not addressed is whether the diabetes is the primary cause of their depression and ironically, the fitness program introduced for this study probably would have benefited these people and perhaps kept them from having diabetes in the first place.ξ

Lesson – take care of yourself physically to ward off disease and to keep a great attitude about life.