COPD Patients Can Improve Condition with Physical Activity

New research shows a combination of exercise classes and confidence-building programs can lead to an increase in physical activity for COPD patients.
Researchers from Michigan and Illinois enrolled 49 COPD patients into three groups.ξ
  • One group engaged in upper-body resistance exercises with the self-confidence-building program.
  • One group did upper-body resistance training and health education.
  • The third group used gentle armchair exercises plus health education.ŒæŒæ

COPD patients who attended self-confidence-building program increased their light physical activity.

Researchers concluded that pulmonary rehabilitation programs should focus on increasing people’s self-confidence in their ability to increase their light physical activity in addition to encouraging people to increase moderateäóñto-vigorous physical activity.

COPD patients often lead sedentary lives but need not to according to this. Part of it is just getting started with an exercise program but certainly adding confidence building and coaching will help the patient actually believe they can do more.