New Administration Wellness Strategy Announced

Government health officials recently announced the National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy (PDF), a plan aimed at increasing the number of Americans who are healthy at every stage of life.ξ
This Strategy envisions a prevention-oriented society where all sectors recognize the value of health for individuals, families, and society and work together to achieve better health for all Americans.

To realize this vision and achieve this goal, the Strategy identifies four Strategic Directions and seven targeted Priorities. The Strategic Directions are:

äó¢ Healthy and Safe Community Environments: Create, sustain, and recognize communities that promote health and wellness through prevention.

äó¢ Clinical and Community Preventive Services: Ensure that prevention-focused health care and community prevention efforts are available, integrated, and mutually reinforcing.

äó¢ Empowered People: Support people in making healthy choices.

äó¢ Elimination of Health Disparities: Eliminate disparities, improving the quality of life for all Americans.

Recommendations to reduce the leading causes of preventable death and major illness are further targeted.

äó¢ Tobacco Free LivingŒæ

äó¢ Preventing Drug Abuse and Excessive Alcohol UseŒæ
äó¢ Healthy EatingŒæ
äó¢ Active LivingŒæ
äó¢ Injury and Violence Free LivingŒæ
äó¢ Reproductive and Sexual HealthŒæ
äó¢ Mental and Emotional Well-Being

The wellness strategy was developed by the National Prevention Council, which is composed of 17 federal agencies who consulted with outside experts and stakeholders.
This is all great but a) can we fund it? and b) will people follow it?ξ

If you want a sobering outlook on the latter, read this.