Boomers – The Fattest Generation

According to an Associated poll, boomers are more obese than other generations and even those who aren’t obese need to do more to stay fit.

Most adults are supposed to get 2Œ_ hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity. Only about a quarter of boomers polled report working up a sweat four or five times a week. And 37 percent never do any strength training.

Based on calculation of body mass index from self-reported height and weight, roughly a third of the baby boomers polled are obese, compared with about a quarter of both older and younger responders. Only half of the obese boomers say they are regularly exercising. An additional 36 percent of boomers are overweight, though not obese.
  • Nearly half of boomers polled worry most about cancer.
  • Heart disease is third in line on the boomers’ worry list.Œæ
  • Memory loss is a bigger concern.
You may want to read our recent post, Living In Denial. We talk about a White Paper by Catalyst Healthcare Research – LIVING IN DENIAL – that is absolutely eye-opening in its revelations. There has been a huge push on wellness programs, particularly in the workplace. Yet often times the people who use them are the same health-conscious people who really don’t need them as much as others.

What this research reveals is that most overweight Americans avoid the truth about their health. The majority agree that obesity is the number one threat to public health. Yet most adults who are overweight or obese äóñ even the well-educated äóñ say their health is excellent or good.

We need more than a wake-up call. We need a good slap in the face.