Greater Numbers Choosing Assisted Living / CCRC Over Nursing Homes

And that sounds like a great headline. However, many of these communities are taking on sicker patients/residents sometimes inappropriately. As a result this population has higher rates of hospitalization, a new report says.
Approximately 38% of older Americans with moderate to severe disabilities live in nursing homes, compared to 58% who choose community settings such as assisted living or continuing care retirement facilities, according to Avalere Health and The SCAN Foundation.
However,ξ 21% of the community residents had two or more hospital stays one year compared to 12% of the nursing home cohort. These individuals lack access to the level of care management that nursing home residents have.

Don’t be fooled by carpet and wallpaper. While you want a great experience for your loved one, you also want them to be in a place that can properly care for them.