Musical Training Can Overcome Hearing Loss

Eline de Ruite, Getty Images
A study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging shows that lifelong musical training ‰ÛÓ particularly when continued late in life ‰ÛÓ can help overcome age-related hearing loss.
Researchers at Northwestern University’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory measured how the brains of young musicians, older musicians and non-musicians responded to auditory stimuli. They found that older musicians had a distinct neural advantage over young musicians and non-musicians.

Independent researchers say that these findings, in conjunction with earlier animal studies, support the idea that the brain can be trained to overcome, in part, some age-related hearing loss.

The results suggest that ‰ÛÏintensive training even late in life could improve speech processing in older adults and, as a result, improve their ability to communicate in complex, noisy acoustic environments,‰Û Don Caspary, Ph.D., a researcher in the field of age-related hearing loss at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine said.

Source: McKnights