Cognitive Therapy + Exercise Relieves Stroke Fatigue

The persistent fatigue that can linger for months and even years following a stroke currently has no treatment.

A new study suggest a combination of talk therapy and exercise might help. Researchers in the Netherlands recruited 83 stroke patients suffering from chronic fatigue and assigned them to one of two groups: one group underwent 12 weeks of cognitive therapy that was conducted in small groups; the other group underwent cognitive therapy plus exercise training.

At the end of the 12 weeks, 58% of the participants in the cognitive therapy plus exercise group experienced a ‰ÛÏclinically relevant‰Û improvement in fatigue, compared to only 24% in the group that received just cognitive therapy.åÊ

Once again, exercise to the rescue. Frankly it only makes sense that the benefit of exercising in reawakening and invigorating the mind and body can help many people no matter what their condition.