Alzheimer’s and Exercise

Individuals with higher levels of daily physical activity may have a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer‰Ûªs.
A study in Neurology was conducted to establish a link between daily exercise and reduced Alzheimer‰Ûªs risk.
More than 700 cognitively aware participants with an average age of 82 were equipped with a wrist actimeter to measure movement.
At the end of four years, twice as many participants in the group with the lowest physical activity developed clinical Alzheimer‰Ûªs disease, even after applying control measures for sex, age, education, depression and other factors.
So let’s just go out on a limb here. Exercise – GOOD.

No kidding. This is what our platform is about – Educated Aging – Physical, Financial, Emotional. How we take care of ourselves today will affect positively or negatively on how we age.åÊ