Feet Fingers and Forks – Your Key to a Fit Lifestyle

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. David Katz at the Nutrition and Aging: A National Summit at which I spoke.åÊ

He had a great message about lifestyle and fitness. He has one phrase he uses to keep people in check: Feets, Forks and Fingers.

Of course the feet part is to keep your body moving and get needed exercise.
The fork is all about eating and portion control.
And fingers is more about keeping nasty things like cigarettes away.

You might wan to check his The A-B-E for Fitness Program. It offers a free video library of 3 to 8 minute activity bursts that will allow you, your colleagues and your family to move and exercise everywhere, everyday!

The exercise videos are organized by the setting (office, home, waiting area, etc), the body region involved, and whether the exercise is performed seated or standing.

Depending on your fitness level, you can start doing one burst per day and then build up gradually.