Four Fast Ways to Feel More Youthful As you Age

The following is a guest post from Leslie Johnson.You may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but just because you’re skin isn’t as supple as it used to be doesn’t mean that you can’t feel youthful at heart. In fact, research shows that the younger you feel in the inside, the more likely you are to fight off the chances of developing dementia. There are a lot of different things you can do to keep you in a young state-of-mind.

  1. Mingle with People Who are Younger than You

    Exclusively surrounding yourself with nothing but fellow seniors is one of the easiest ways to feel your age. Actually putting in some effort to make sure you’re surrounded with a good mix of “younger people” however‰ÛÓeven those who are in their teens‰ÛÓcan help bring out a more youthful spirit inside of you. After all, people tend to mimic traits from people they surround themselves with on a regular basis. Going to the gym and enrolling in fun aerobic classes like Zumba can put you in contact with the right mix of people, so can taking a cruise, enrolling in a Meet Up Group in your city, or joining a community sports team like golf or bowling.

  2. Get Out and About

    Keeping yourself locked up in your apartment and isolated from the rest of the world can also hinder you from feeling young. Going out to explore the outdoors ‰ÛÓincluding nature and your city‰ÛÓon the other hand can keep you feeling young. Go check out the new museum that opened up. Go indulge and dine at the new restaurant. Attend birthday gatherings. Go the movie theater. Attend a sporting event. Get out.

  3. Get on Board with Social Media & Stay “Current”

    In order to feel young, you also need to try your best to stay current with news and pop culture. It’s fun to reminisce and watch/listen to older music and movies that remind you of “the good old days” but don’t get consumed in a time warp. You need to be highly aware of what’s going on right in front of you. This can be easily learned by reading the daily news, watching some basic prime time channels, and listening to a modern radio station every now and then. You don‰Ûªt necessarily have to be a fan of teen sensation Justin Beiber for example, but you at least want to know who he is and be aware of mainstream media and culture. This may even mean getting yourself a Facebook account.åÊ In fact a studysaid that Facebook could help relieve depression among seniors since it helps keeps them in touch with old friends and family.

  4. Exercise and Eat Healthy

    Lastly and most importantly, the true key to feeling healthy is to take care of your current body by feeding it the right nutritious foods and get some sort of exercise in your life daily, even if it’s something as minor as gardening, walking the dog, or doing some minor stretches when you wake up in the morning.

Leslie Johnson is a resident blogger at, a website that helps students find both programs and careers in the healthcare industry. She enjoys covering all health-related topics for a broad range of consumers and welcomes your comments below.