Aspirin May Preserve Brain Function in Elderly Women

inSA new study from researchers inåÊSweden has shown that aspirin may help women maintain brain function.

Researchers studied approximately 700 women, at least 70 years old. About 600 of the women were considered to be at high risk for a heart attack. About 20% of them were taking aspirin during the course of the study.

The study found that women who were taking aspirin had better brain function. The benefits were more pronounced with women who were taking aspirin for five years or longer.åÊ

Dr. Silke Kern was the lead author of the study. He said that their research does not explain the exact relationship between brain function and aspirin. However, aspirin increases blood flow to the brain, which could help ensure the brain receives adequate nutrients and oxygen.

The researchers concluded that taking aspirin in low doses may be an effective way to promote brain functioning for women who are at risk of heart disease.åÊ

Critics say the study would need to be replicated before medical professionals can conclude that aspirin has the capability to promote brain functioning in women. And patients who take aspirin need to know the long term risks – stomach ulcers or internal bleeding.

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