What Would Jack Bauer Do?

In the now-infamous case of an independent living facility‰Ûªs policy on CPR, the simple perception is that a woman was dying and needed CPR. Sound and prudent judgment would have been to perform it, or move out of the way and get someone else to do it.

I invite you to read my blog on McKnight‰Ûªs about my thoughts.

After writing I added the following comment.

First when ‰ÛÏshopping‰Û for a care facility it is important to ask the right questions such as knowing the pertinent policies and staff capabilities. Second, it is important to spell out in advance directives how you would like to be cared for should something happen and have a proxy speak for you if you can‰Ûªt. In this woman‰Ûªs case she did not have a DNR so in most instances people would step in and try to help. It is interesting that this woman‰Ûªs daughter agrees with the facility‰Ûªs actions. Other professionals are saying that CPR would not have helped and going to heroic measures is not always necessary or helpful.

Regardless, this is more of a human compassion issue. What if this were outside any type of senior or medical facility say a restaurant? If someone collapses I am going to try to help. I am not going to stop and see if they want to be helped. One commenter on the blog mentioned the liability issue and of course you can‰Ûªt help but have that in your mind. Many states have Good Samaritan laws that protect people should they intervene. To me it still comes back to doing the right thing.

What do you think?