Check Out The Blue Zones Project

Certain places around the world have high concentrations of centenarians, or people living 100 years or more. Their stories are the foundation of the Blue Zones Project.

The Blue Zones Project䋢 is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks.

Its mission is to lead and ignite community-by-community well-being transformation, where people live and work together in Blue Zones Communities䋢 for a better life.

By taking an environmental approach to well-being improvement, you have an opportunity to create real change in communities. This kind of change sparks people‰Ûªs deepest desires to live well while giving them the tools to do so.

These tools are based on nine healthy lifestyle habits shared by the people living in the original Blue Zoneså¨ areas. Called the Power 9å¨, they help people live healthier and happier longer. These nine small, easy steps fit into a few categories and can be practiced anywhere.

They include Moving Naturally, Right Outlook, Eating Wisely and Belonging. People in Blue Zoneså¨ areas have enjoyed greater well-being and longevity for generations‰ÛÓand now you can too!