10 Fun Yet Overlooked Activities for Seniors

activities for seniors

10 Fun Yet Overlooked Activities for Seniors

Seeking out engaging and fun activities for seniors? Forget the novelties of gardening and golfing, and try a little something new with these 10 fun ideas!

  1. Try yoga: One of the best seniors activities is yoga. It is rising in popularity with each year because of its numerous health benefits and attention to mindfulness and meditation. With relaxing, flowing movements that stretch the muscles and joints, as well as a focus on deep breathing, senior yoga can be done standing or sitting down in a chair.

  1. Learn a new instrument: Learning a new instrument at 70? Really? Learning a new instrument can be incredibly rewarding, and provides mental stimulation that can help combat cognitive decline. Continued lessons and practice also motivate seniors to set goals, problem solve, and build confidence.

  1. Play digital games: Perhaps your go-to games include Chess, Scrabble or Sudoku – did you know you can play those, and even do puzzles on a computer or tablet device? Digital games are often free and are easier to play for seniors with dexterity or vision problems.

  1. Participate in a charity walk: Exercise and give back to your community by taking part in a charity walk or fundraiser walkathon event. Typically hosted to raise proceeds for a charitable organization, walkathons are easy-going events packed with physical fun and social interaction. Search a list of upcoming charity walks here.

  1. Sing at karaoke: Nothing beats a fun karaoke night with friends! Even seniors enjoy singing their favorite tunes and the benefits of listening to music and remembering lyrics helps to stimulate brain activity and combat memory loss.

  1. Join a local theatre: Pursue lifelong dreams you never got around to, like acting in a play. Local theatres will hold auditions and casting calls for upcoming seasons and may just be looking for the perfect elderly thespian. Catching the acting bug will help you build confidence, stimulates brain activity, and gives you the opportunity to meet new people and interact with younger generations.

  1. Go back to school: Did you know many states offer free and subsidized college level classes for older adults? Many can even be taken online from the comfort of your own home. Check out your local university or state government website to see what “Lifelong Learner” or “Senior Learner” programs they offer.

  1. Start a new hobby: Take up quilting, crocheting, or knitting and strike up a hobby that taps into your artistic side and gives you a way to help others. Quilt blankets for kids in the hospital or knit hats to donate to the local homeless shelter. Quilting and knitting clubs also offer a way for seniors to socialize with others and de-stress.

  1. Video chat with others: Behind on your correspondence? Tired of getting a voicemail box when you call your family? Set up weekly video chatting dates and use free online tools like Skype or Google Hangout to connect and have face to face conversations, no matter how far away from one another you are.

  1. Join local Meetups: Combat social isolation and stem feelings of loneliness by prioritizing “making new friends”! Meetup.com makes it easy for seniors to connect with others who share their interests, and physically get together for special outings or events in their area.

When it comes to activities for seniors, make staying active a priority and reap physical and mental health benefits galore! Schedule daily activities or exercises, get your friends, family, and caregivers in on the fun, and pay it forward by sharing your experiences and ideas with others too. Activities for seniors need not be boring!