5 Reasons Why You Should Understand Caregiver Stress

caregiver stress

5 Reasons Why You Should Understand Caregiver Stress

Caregiver stress – a topic often left unspoken, particularly with the emotions involved. Most especially for family caregivers, with guilt and confusion settling in when the line of duty and personal time seems to blur.

As such, identifying several reasons on why and what caregiver stress is will help create an awareness that’ll not only lighten the burden that caregivers have, but give a clearer understanding for recipients on how they can contribute to better family caregiving support as well.

Because of Emotional and Health Issues

Two in five family caregivers have been reported to experience emotional stress, while one in five experiences physical strain when caring for a loved one. The emotional, mental, and physical risk takes its toll when one considers a caregiver’s age and condition: women, in general, take up caregiving tasks in a family, while 25% of Millennials today looks after a relative today.

Because there is a Loss of Work Opportunities

Placing the mentioned gender and age factors above into perspective, one can see that most family caregivers are prone to losing employment opportunities. Women, even with their increased participation in the workforce, may still need to consider gender pay gaps. Millennials may be at risk of looking or retaining a career, juggling caregiving duties and work at the same time.

Because of “Guilt”

Because of multiple commitments, family caregivers may at times feel guilty of not being able to meet the demands of custodial care, simply because they need to have some time for themselves. Take, for example, spousal caregivers. The need to be there for your partner is expected, that leaving him or her alone for a break may seem unacceptable.

Because Family Caregivers May Not Be Prepared

As essential caregiving may be, it has – unfortunately – revealed that majority of family caregivers have little to no training at all to prepare for the tasks at hand. The challenge is magnified for dementia patients, with most family caregivers not able to meet medication or custodial standards.

Because We Need to Change for the Better

Family caregivers need to be recognized as a cause of concern, considering that the demand for custodial care is expected to increase the following years. Start that conversation today – we need to recognize caregiver stress is real, for us all to prepare and address it properly.

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