Aging and Fun – Yes They Go Together

aging and fun

Aging and Fun: Why You Don’t Have To Give Up Everything You Love

When you get old, things you usually do may no longer be the same. For some, getting old means losing a lot of things, especially those you love the most. It may be a hobby or a passion to do something that makes you happy and fulfilled. However, do we really have to give up our passion because of something like old age? Aging and fun can be related, given the right effort. Below are some reasons why you don’t have to give up everything you love as you grow older

Aging is only a phase in life

Aging is a natural part of life. Our minds and bodies experience change as we mature, and our habits and passions change and evolve as we mature. We should treat the things we love as things that are capable of evolving with us, and the state of things we love now isn’t permanent.

  • Remember, just as how aging is a phase in life, our mindset makes up a big part of how we see our life. If we start looking at what we can do with our time and not what we’re missing out on, then perhaps aging can be fun.
  • For instance, older age may pose more care on your part in terms of your physical, emotional, and mental health. Proper adjustments to your routine, however, can free up time to do the things you love.
  • The same mindset above can applied towards your surroundings. Start developing a more positive outlook that the things around you can help improve your love for whatever passion you have.
  • The concepts seem vague at first, but when we apply these mindsets with a more creative spin, we might just find a way to not give up everything we love

There’ll always be a solution to everything

Growing older is typically associated with the thought that we can’t do anything because we’re old.

  • While we age, it’s natural that we become more careful with our surroundings. There are more restrictions to food, places, and activities we can do depending on medication and other situations. Just because there are limitations, however, doesn’t mean we have to give up on everything.
  • Taking note of these limitations is important in setting us up for more things to love in the future. If you love to dance, for example, and find it difficult to do so because of age, you may not necessarily have to give up on dance entirely. If hip-hop was your thing before, maybe it’s time for you to evolve and take up something slower like ballroom dancing, instead. It’s not as intense as hip-hop at first glance, but it’s an entirely different dimension of dance that can peak your interest.
  • Prepare yourself for instances where you have to make do with what you have, and take “making do” with a creative spin.

Make use of creativity, innovation, and motivation

If you fear that someday you’ll not be able to do your much-loved activities because of old age, you’re wrong.

  • We keep on talking about things like creativity, but with whatever passion you have, you surely know that there’s always a creative way to express your love for the craft. This spark won’t be lost despite old age, unless you give up on yourself entirely.
  • Remember, compromise is important, and we can achieve it best if we understand what we are capable of. Think of your limitations not as setbacks, but as challenges that will help you find more love for your craft. For example, if you’re afraid you won’t be able to paint because of old age, try to switch up your painting style. If you’re the detailed painter, try pointillism or finger painting – those are entirely new dimensions of painting that can give a new spin to your interests.
  • What matters is you feel fulfilled with what you do. Perhaps your feeling of “giving up” has something to do with you losing that “spark” that you had when you were young, and you may be blaming aging for that. Try to think of ways to rekindle your love for your craft, or if you think it’s lost, try to find a new hobby to learn.

It’s okay to seek help

If you think you’re having a hard time reconciling the things you have to do and take note of because of your age, and making sure your love for your hobby stays, and you don’t have to deal with that by yourself. It’s okay to seek professional help, because therapy can help bring back that “spark,” or a support group can help you discover a new hobby.

  • Psychiatrists are trained and equipped with the skill set to help you achieve your goals, and they might be able to help you rekindle your love for your passion despite your old age. Try to find a psychiatrist of a specialization that fits your needs, and try a consultation.
  • If therapy is not your thing, try to find a support group within the hobby you like. It can be helpful if you get to share your sentiments with people in the same interest, as they may also have creative insights that could help you.

In reality, dealing with aging is no fun at all. You may even experience a decline in your physical and mental abilities. But as long as you’re confident for all that’s happening in your life, you’ll still end up content. Try to take advantage of your aging process by making every moment extra fun and joyful. By doing so, there’ll be no more reason why you have to give up everything you love when getting old. Aging and fun will go together! Did you enjoy this Members Own article?

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