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Ageing is inevitable, but why do it awkwardly when you can do it exceptionally!

Pennsylvania-based home lift brand Lifton is leading the charge with its groundbreaking residential elevator, specifically designed to break the status quo of old-fashioned stair lifts and rock the world with its sleek, stylish and problem-solving home lift.

The Lifton offers a fantastic travel experience. It doesn’t take up space on your stairs, it is not noisy and it is multi-tasking – carrying you, your laundry, your luggage and more, whenever you desire, at the touch of a button.

Installed in around one day, this elevator means you need never take the stairs alone again and carries two passengers up one floor in under 30 seconds.

Whisper-quiet, the Lifton Home Elevator by Stiltz has a compact footprint and is modular, so it can be installed in almost any location around your home.

The Lifton virtually ‘disappears’ from sight, when located upstairs, leaving only two slender stilts in view. And when downstairs it leaves a floor plug behind to block the ceiling opening. This floor plug is safe to stand on and you can even place your original floor material back on top so it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of upstairs.

And why should a practical mobility solution be boring and bland? The Lifton elevator is elegant and attractive with a grey exterior and neutral interior. Soft blue LED downlights activate when a user enters the cabin and there is a full height light curtain which senses when all passengers are safely inside.

The elevator uses a hold-to-run button inside so you are in complete control of each journey. Want to know how to install one of these home elevators? Click on the link.