Building Relationships As We Age

building relationships as we ageThe Importance of Building Relationships in a Digital Age

In the past, relationships were built by spending time with one another and bonding on a deeper level. In today’s society, this is becoming something of a rarity due to the increase of technology in our daily lives. In later years, it’s more important than ever to have those strong relationships and support networks based on those relationships you built years before but how do you adapt to the changing ways younger members of your family interact with you, and is integrating with this new technological space affecting how you view relationships in general? Building relationships in later life can be challenging but maintaining some solid principles and incorporating new methods can reap both benefits in new relationships but also those friends you’ve had for decades.

Take a look at some of the benefits of sustaining healthy relationships in this ever-changing digital age.

Stay in touch

Both technology and traditional face-to-face meetings help us to stay in touch with the people that matter the most but making sure those personal experiences don’t get replaced by the technological ones can help to sustain better friendships in the long run. Spending time with people in a one-to-one environment opens up better lines of communication and reduces the risks of misinterpretation, which can often occur via telephone or over email. If you have younger family members that are often glued to their phone in these meetings, perhaps making a technology-free zone will help to get everyone communicating on a healthier level.

Making time for people 

In today’s busy schedules, you are more inclined to put off that meeting with someone due to other commitments or life just getting in the way. We’re all guilty of being too busy but making time for others is a great way to show how much you care. Arranging to see people is one thing, but committing to it is quite another. Many of us make plans to break them, and this can become a vicious cycle due to things getting in the way. Committing to your original plans and making time to stick to them is an excellent foundation for staying connected without technology.

Get together for fun

There’s nothing better than getting everyone together and having some traditional fun. Many people take life too seriously nowadays so going back to the basics and organizing activities is a fantastic way to get everyone of all ages interacting. Games such as the Memphis Escape Room create an environment where you have to work together to win plus after all the excitement catching up over a meal is the perfect time to unwind with each other.

Blocking your calendar out and encouraging everyone to get off their screens for a few hours can help build healthier and stronger relationships throughout your later years. Not only will this make you happier in the long term, but it will also bring people closer together for memorable times in both family and friendships circles.