Virtual Caregiver Summit Announces Full Agenda

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Award-winning Virtual Video Caregiver Summit – Caregiver Smile Summit 2 – Announces Full Agenda

Virtual, On Demand Caregiver Summit – The second annual Caregiver Smile Summit recently announced their speaker lineup and agenda at

The Virtual, On Demand Summit, which you can access on your schedule, will feature video recorded interviews with 39 experts in 36 sessions and those videos will be available on demand starting during November, National Caregivers Month.

The Caregiver Summit has been recognized by United Health and AARP in the Open IDEO Caregiver Challenge

Included with eachvideo interview is a valuable giveaway. The cumulative value of these giveaways would total hundreds of dollars if purchased. This includes a copy of Cherished Memories, a 96-page document to help you capture your life story or that of a loved one. A $75 value, it sold out on QVC! Discounts, white papers, e-books, and more will accompany the videos.

The Summit price is just $50! Prices increase when the videos are made available to registrants in November.

The Caregiver Smile Summit is a virtual Summit that will transform your caregiving by providing practical knowledge to make you a better caregiver, take care of your own health, while preparing you for your own aging journey. In Caregiver Summit 2 – Tips, Tricks and Tactics, we offer practical tips and solutions that you can apply every day in your caregiving. This Summit is ideal for almost anyone. If you are just starting to see the signs that mom and dad need care, this is for you. If you are an experienced caregiver, this is for you too. Even if your caregiving journey is over there is something you can learn about preparing for your own aging needs. That is why boomers should consider attending the Summit. And even foresighted Gen X’ers and Millennials, who make up 25% of family caregivers, can learn something too.

Recently I purchased your Virtual Caregiver Smile Summit.  I am so impressed with the warmth and quality of your interviews and the professional and valuable content of your experts! I ended up spending my holiday weekend watching all the videos, and actually cancelled other plans because it was so good. I want to thank you for putting this together and
making it available. I am recommending it to all my colleagues.

Debby Bitticks, Intergenerational Expert, Award-winning Author, Health and Caregiving Advocate.


There are nine categories of topics this year in the Caregiver Summit.

Making Life Easier

  • How to Sensibly Deal with Your Parents Possessions as We Age
  • How Technology Can Help Family Caregivers
  • Using the Cloud to Organize Your Digital Caregiving Life
  • Quick Meal Options for You and Mom
  • The Computer Caregiver Connection

Caregiver Health

  • Energy Practice – Relief from Caregiver Compassion Fatigue in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day
  • Caregiver Stress – There’s an App for That
  • Cruising through Caregiving – Reducing the Stress of Caring for a Loved One
  • Caregivers with Hope
  • Understanding and Coping with Non-Death /’Living-Losses’ as a Caregiver
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Just Calm Down – Mindfulness Training to Build Strength and Confidence
  • Patient Empowerment for the Caregiver
  • Bone Safe Exercise

Family Dynamics

  • Managing Family Dynamics in the Midst of Downsizing
  • Capturing Life Stories – Tools, Tips and Technologies
  • Talking With Your Children About Dementia
  • Aging & Sexuality: Knowledge for Caregivers

Aging in Place

  • Leveraging Technology for Aging in Place
  • To Move or Not to Move
  • Creating a Community of Support for Solo Agers 

Shifting Demographics of Caregiving 

  • American Association of Caregiving Youth
  • An International Perspective on Caregiving – Africa
  • Kinship Caregivers – Programs, Resources & the Grandparent Family Apartments

Legal and Financial Caregiving

  • The Effect of Family Caregiving on Wealth
  • Senior Financial Exploitation and Ways to Prevent It 

Caregiving in the Workforce 

  • Strategies for Family Caregivers in the Workforce
  • Caregiver in the Workplace Survival Guide
  • Coming Out of the Closet with Caregiving – Workplace Issues

After the Caregiving

  • Restoring Joy After Loss – 8 Life Changing Strategies to Function with Joy in the Midst of Grief, Stress and Chaos
  • I Wish I Knew Then – Lessons After the Caregiving is Over!
  • “When Caregiving Ends, How to Find Purpose Again”

Dementia Deep Dive

  • Dementia and Communication – Engaging Positively Enhances Lives!
  • When and How to Go Public with a Life-changing Condition – Things You May Not Have Thought About!
  • “Start with YES: Using the Techniques of Improvisational Comedy and Empathy to Improve Caregiver Communications”
  • Normal Memory Loss or Dementia – Knowing the Difference

Experts – check out their bios at: www.caregiversummit.orgunder “Our Experts”

  • Rita Anand
  • John Baumann
  • Debby Bitticks
  • Ken Bitticks
  • Cathy A. Bollinger
  • Rima Bonario
  • Dorothy Breininger
  • Pamela Pitman Brown
  • Tanya Brown
  • Gavin Caster
  • Lisa Cini
  • Kathleen Cody
  • Susan Crowson
  • Kristen Cusato
  • Vickie Dellaquila
  • Paul DelPonte
  • Christina DeSantis
  • Lisa Dinhofer
  • Jennifer FitzPatrick
  • Janet Fouts
  • Kerry Hannon
  • Kathryn Harrison
  • Mimi Hull
  • Ellie Izzo
  • Rimas Jasin
  • frank kanu
  • Lorrie Klemons
  • Tracey Lawrence
  • Joy Lucinda
  • Carol Marak
  • Anya Metlitsky-Herasme
  • John Mills
  • Dr Daniel Nightingale
  • Pam Ramsden
  • Erika Rendon
  • Peter Rosenberger
  • Sonja Shute
  • Connie Siskowski
  • Howard Tischler

Register for the Summit now for the low price of $50.