The Go Wish Game – Reverend Larry Wildemuth – Smilecast 178

The Go Wish Game

The Go Wish Game is a unique way to use playing cards to better understand what you really want at the end of life. Reverend Wildemuth will explain what they are, where to obtain them, and how to use them.

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Rev Larry F. Wildemuth serves as the Chairman of CodaAlliance, the developer of Go Wish Game. He has been part of CODA since its beginning in 1999 as the Community Coalition for End of Life Care. He has served in the pastoral ministry for 25 years before serving as a hospital chaplain for the last 20 years at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. He serves by taking care of patients, their families and staff. He serves on several interdisciplinary teams as well as the adult Medical Ethic Committee and the Infant Bioethics Committee. He was honored recently with the Employee Excellence award in December of 2016 by Board of Supervisors of Santa Clara County.