Caregiver Stress-An App for That!-Caregiver Smile Summit-Smilecast 191

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Caregiver Stress – There’s an App for That! – Caregiver Smile Summit

In this session of the Caregiver Smile Summit, we talk to Dr. Ellie Izzo, inventor of SentBeat. 

Sentbeat is an interactive digital application for the immediate relief from emotional upset, anger and anxiety. Often time, caregivers, caught up in emotional moments, can risk breakdowns if they do not take a breath to reflect and then respond. Sentbeat can help. It assists anyone experiencing any level of emotional stress: by messaging an emotionally connected and exact coping insight that will encourage a pause and a re-thinking; by opening an enlarged scope of appropriate responses; and by guiding one to an emotionally intelligent state, leading to better choices.

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