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senior driving

Senior Driving

Senior Driving is a complicated issue. Ninety-seven-year-old Prince Philip was involved in a car crash last month that injured two women and prompted a debate on older drivers in Britain. Then two days later he was photographed driving a Land Rover without a seatbelt. Of course that reignited a debate about seniors and driving.

An Emotionally Charged Issue

What if I told you that tomorrow, just for a day, you would all of a sudden not have a car available? What if I said a week? You can start to see how your independence would be affected.

A car represents different things to people…a way to get to places for some; status and identity for others; freedom and spontaneity. What it represents also says a lot about how you approach the situation.

Just because you are older does not mean you have to stop driving. We see so many distracted driving accidents from much younger people on phones or texting and that is not representative of how seniors drive.