Using Improv to Improve Communications-Caregiver Smile Summit-Smilecast 224

caregiver smile summit

“Start with YES: Using the Techniques of Improvisational Comedy and Empathy to Improve Caregiver Communications”

Sonja Shute and Christina DeSantis are our guests on the Caregiver Smile Summit.

Communicating with a person with dementia can bring a unique set of challenges. This workshop will demonstrate how PSS Circle of Care uses the Dementia RAW Method to equip family caregivers to handle everyday communication challenges. The Dementia Raw method focuses on creating connection and simplifying communication with the person living with dementia using the rules of improv comedy and the pillars of empathy. You will be able to identify the four pillars of empathy and understand why empathy is necessary to create connection and simplify communication between a family caregiver and a person living with dementia; describe the 4 rules of improv that become the foundation in which all communication between the family caregiver and the person with dementia is based; and gain an understanding of Dementia Raw as a method to equip family caregivers to handle communication challenges with a personal living with dementia.

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