Why Seniors Should Embrace RV Travel

RV travel
Why Seniors Should Embrace RV Travel

An estimated 750,000 to one million retirees embrace RV travel, the New York Times reports. As people continue to live longer, healthier lives, RV life is becoming an increasingly popular option for seniors. RVs let you explore the natural wonders of the country (including, state and national parks and famous hiking trails) on your own terms. Even better, you can take all the conveniences of home along with you.

It’s easy to stay healthy

Staying healthy on the road is a priority for many seniors, especially if you have a health condition or are following a special diet. It’s possible to install a refrigerator in your RV to store fresh, healthy food as you travel. Unlike regular refrigerators, RV refrigerators are built to withstand motions, vibrations, and temperature changes. Before purchasing, research RV refrigerators which collectively suit your needs, space, and budget. Additionally, RV ovens allow you to cook up fresh and nutritious meals to fuel your daily activities. It’s therefore easy to avoid unhealthy fast food and expensive restaurants.

Affordable RV travel

RV owners can spend up to 70% less on RV vacations compared to travel involving planes, cars, hotels, and restaurants — even when ownership costs are considered, a study by PKF Consulting found. Campgrounds cost roughly $23 per night, while you pay an average of $92 a night for a hotel. However, it may be even more economical to rent rather than buy an RV. If you purchase a three-year-old RV, ownership costs roughly $200 per day, the Fun Times RV Guide calculates. You need to use the RV for 40 days per year for ownership to be financially worthwhile. In comparison, the average RVer only uses theirs 27 days per year.

Social network

RV travel is a great opportunity for you to meet new people, broaden your social circle, and become part of a community of mature travellers with common interests. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, you can join one of the many RV camping clubs active across the country, giving you an active social network on the road. Membership can cost as little as $30 per year and provide other benefits like educational courses and campsites with extra amenities. Check for an RV group that holds annual social events like conventions, regional rallies, and camp gatherings.

RVs allow seniors to travel while maintaining greater independence and freedom than possible with conventional travel. You’re able to set your own schedule and move onto the next destination without having to pack and unpack. So, if you’re dreaming of seeing the country in later life, RV travel may be the perfect option for you.